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Faculty Resources

This guide has been created to assist new and part-time faculty; however it contains information and links useful to all faculty at Cape Fear Community College.
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    PAPERWORK : What if I have questions about the hiring process? Have I completed all my employment paperwork?

    Human Resources (Personnel) FAQ page.

    You should receive instructions and forms from the department where you will be working.

    Department Chairs and Secretaries

    Arts/Sciences (910) 362-7129
    Business (910) 362-7281
    Distance Learning (910) 362-7245
    Engineering Technology (910) 362-7376
    English (910) 362-7007
    Health Sciences (910) 362-7082
    Humanities/Fine Arts (910) 362-7431
    Marine Tech (910) 362-7403
    Math/PE (910) 362-7135
    Public Services (910) 362-7269
    Social/Behavioral Sciences (910) 362-7299
    Science (910) 362-7674
    Vocational 910) 362-7291

    Continuing Education

    Basic Skills (910) 362-7121
    Basic Skills (Prison) (910) 362-7178
    ESL Program (910) 362-7183
    B.I.G. Training Director (910) 362-7254
    Burgaw Center (910) 675-1439
    Director (910) 362-7176
    GED Testing (910) 362-7479
    HRD Coordinator (910) 362-7186
    Horticulture (910) 251-2666
    Small Business Center (910) 362-7469


    PARKING : Where will I park and what parking permits do I need?

    Campus Maps Link (current as of July 3, 2012)
    Faculty & Staff Parking Regulations

    Parking Decal Request Form

    CFCC Parking Twitter Feed

    ID CARD : How do I get a CFCC ID card?
    To secure a CFCC identification card, employees must present a valid photo ID verifying identity and the seven-digit CFCC number that has been assigned to them.
     • Acceptable forms of photo identification are:
    • Driver’s License
    • State of North Carolina ID Card (or official ID issued by another state)
    • Military ID
    • Passport

    ID Card Schedule
    MY CFCC & E-MAIL : How do I set up MyCFCC account and access my campus email?

    Help With Setting Up & Troubleshooting Your Campus Account

    EVENING CONTACTS : Are there campus contacts for evening or weekend hours?
    If you need assistance in your classroom or an escort to your car, call the main switchboard at your campus

    Downtown - 910-362-7000

    Monday-Friday unitl 10:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 to 1:00.

    North - 910-362-7700

    Monday-Friday until 10:00 pm.

    Ask for the Evening/Weekend Coordinator.



    Academic Calendar

    Instructional Technology Training Calendar
    Campus Events Calendar


    ELECTRONIC CLASS RECORD KEEPING: What do I need to get started with course rosters and recording grades?

    Enrollment Verification (Internet & hybrid courses only)

    Recording No-Shows

    Entering Final Grades

    Entering Grades from a Previously Locked Roster

    Submitting Web Attendance

    LIBRARY SERVICES FOR TEACHING: What services can the Library provide for my classes?

    Library Services for the Instructor

    Library Services for Your Students

    Requesting Library Materials


    ELECTRONIC RESOURCES FOR TEACHING : What help is available for getting started with Blackboard software?

    Instructional Technology Support
    Online Learning Support

    CLASSROOMS & EQUIPMENT: Can I visit the classroom(s) where I will be teaching to see the room configuration and equipment?

    Most classrooms have a projector and a computer. Some additionally have a sympodium or monitor, VCR, Elmo camera, smart board technology, video switcher, audio speakers, chalkboard or white board, or overhead projector. Find your room using: Explanation of Section and Building Codes. Security can accompany you to your assigned classroom. Call 910-362-7000 (Downtown) or 910-362-7700 (North).

    TEXTBOOKS: Where do I get a copy of the course textbook and passwords for any online text support materials?

    To identify the text(s) used in your course(s), visit the CFCC Bookstore Text Search Page. More information about instructor's editions or support materials can be obtained from your department.

    SHARED COURSE MATERIALS: What course materials are available from my department and what will I need to develop myself?

    Check with your department supervisor.

    PHOTOCOPYING & PRINTING: Where will I make photocopies needed for my classes?

    See Section 3.6 of the Staff and Faculty Handbook. For further information see CFCC Printing Policy FAQs.

    GRADING POLICY: Is there a college-wide policy on grading?

    The College's grading policies can be found on Page 18 of the 2012-2013 Student Handbook.

    ATTENDANCE POLICY: Is there a college-wide policy on attendance?

    The College's attendance policies can be found on Page 19 of the 2012-2013 Student Handbook.

    FELLOW FACULTY: Who else on campus teaches the course(s) I will be teaching and how can I contact them?
    Participate in the Faculty Association.  Find out how. 

    Get to know your colleagues by checking Class Schedules (For Curriculum classes, select the correct Term--Summer, Fall--and fill in at least one other search field. You can select a subject code like BIO or MAT, or choose a campus in Location to see all classes taught on that campus. Click Submit to see the list of classes.) Then use the instructor's last name to search for contact information in the CFCC Staff Directory

    TRAINING (COMPUTERS & OTHER EQUIPMENT): If I need training in use of the computers or presentation equipment in my classroom, whom should I contact?
    The Media Center offers group and individual training on each type of equipment at the beginning of each semester. Your department chair will know the schedule for group training. Contact the Media Center 910-362-7037 to arrange individual training or find out about online tutorials.

    REPORTING COMPUTER & OTHER EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS: How do I report malfunctioning classroom equipment?

    Log into MyCFCC Then use the HELPDESK page on the Intranet to report problems. For computer and printer problems, select IT Help Desk; for all other equipment, select Media Services.

    OTHER TECHNOLOGY LINKS: What else do I need to know about computing at CFCC?

    CFCC Computer Acceptable Use Policy

    Wireless Network (SurfCFCC)

    IT Homepage