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    Need help selecting a site of interest? Here are some resources that may help you decide.

    eHRAF [Human Relations Area Files] from Yale University

    eHRAF World Cultures includes materials on nearly 400 cultures, past and present, all over the world.  The database is unique in that the information from books, journal articles and other sources is organized by cultures and ethnic groups, and every document is subject-indexed at the paragraph level.

    What is Anthropology?

    What is anthropology? In the simplest terms, it is the study of humans, anytime from prehistory to the present day, and anywhere that humans live or have lived. There are four major divisions of anthropology:

    • Archaeology – the study of the human past primarily through manmade items
    • Physical (Biological) Anthropology – the study of the biology and evolution of humans
    • Linguistic Anthropology – the study of human communication and its relationship to culture
    • Cultural Anthropology – the study of contemporary societies and their learned behavior