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    Organizations & Associations

    Apimondia-International Federation of Beekeepers Associations
    Apimondia Foundation: Clearing house of Beekeeping Information. It serves the scientific, technical and economic development of beekeeping all over the world. Publisher of Apiacta, beekeeping journal.

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    Exceptional Websites


    University of Georgia Honey Bee Program
    Offers beginners to master level beekeeping courses, sponsors a honey show and offers one of the only honey judging licensing courses in the USA.
    The World of Bees on Stamps
    Bees and honey have been the subjects of stamps for as long as there have been stamps. This could be the largest reference of bee-related stamps, postmarks and postcards in the world.
    The Bee Photographer
    Beautiful photographic journal of beekeeping from around the world.
    Selections from the Everett F. Phillips’ Beekeeping collection at Mann Library
    One of the largest and most complete apiculture libraries in the world.
    Apiservices – Beekeeping Virtual Gallery
    Incredible source of beekeeping information from around the world. Very busy website, but worth digging into.
    The Apiary Map
    Google map showing apiaries from all over the world. Also shows bee variety. Add yours now.
    Hundreds of striking photographs of bees and flowers. RSS feeds available and photos are for sale.
    Honey Bees and Beekeeping: A Year in the Life of an Apiary
    An excellent series on basic beekeeping. Part of the University of Illinois Extension. Includes videos.
    The Bee by Andrew Gough
    A fascinating look at the history of bee symbolism and mythology from Egypt to modern times.
    An Exceptional Harvest of Acacia Honey-May 2011 – Collecting and processing.
    Blog by a French beekeeper with excellent photos of the process. Black Locust bloomed May 9 and the honey was extracted by the end of May. Also see current postings. (French translated to English)
    Tales From The Hive
    Visit PBS’s online version of the NOVA program. NOVA chronicles a year in the life of a bee colony with stunning imagery.
    Electron Micrograph of a Honey Bee
    Breathtaking image of a honey bee. 2011 Wellcome Image Award winner.
    Homage to Brother Adam – A great beekeeper of the 20th century and a list of his publications
    Brother Adam was a pioneer in the search for the optimum strain of bees. He developed the Buckfast Bee at Buckfast Abby.
    Mediterranean Melissopalynology
    The study of the origins of honey produced in all the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, by the pollen contained in the honey.
    Honey in Madagascar
    Fascinating description (with photos) of beekeeping and honey customs and beliefs of tribes in Madagascar.
    National Honey Board – USA
    Organization responsible for the marketing and promotion of honey in the United States. Funded by beekeepers and honey producers, they support the quality, purity and healthful image of honey to the American consumer.
    ItalianNational Observatory of Production and Market of honey (Osservatorio Nazionale della Produzione e del Mercato del miele)
    National organization supporting the production and marketing of honey in Italy. It monitors the honey market, measures and takes action to improve the quality of honey, promotes honey terrior and the culture of honey.
    Bees for Development
    Bees for Development assists beekeepers living in poor and remote areas of the world, and raises awareness about the value of beekeeping for poverty alleviation.
    Sustainable beekeeping initiative in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas reqion – ICIMOD The International Center for Integrated Mountain Development, ICIMOD serves eight regional member countries of the Hindu Kush-Himalayas – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan. It is best browsed with the site search. For example, see “honey” search results on the site.
    Towards Sustainable Beekeeping A thoughtful philosophical and practical account by David Heaf. This is an update of an article which appeared in four parts in The Beekeepers Quarterly (Issues 91, 92, 93 & 94, 2008).