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JSTOR Spotlight

Helpful strategies to use the JSTOR database efficiently and effectively
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  • New "Text Analyzer" Tool on JSTOR

    An exciting option for beginning your search on JSTOR is the Text Analyzer. After going to the Text Analyzer home page, you can select a document from your computer—it can be a research paper you have created or it can be a document created by someone else that is relevant to your research—and drag and drop it into the analyzer to get search results.

    Short Search Video from Seminole State Library

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    • Is all journal content on JSTOR peer reviewed? Nearly all of the journals collected in JSTOR are peer-reviewed publications, but the archives also contain primary sources and content that is much older than today's standard peer-review process. 
    • Why can't I access the full-text of all content on JSTOR? Libraries can select different collections on JSTOR, and your library may not subscribe to all collections. Contact your librarian for more information.
    • What is the "moving wall?" Much of the journal content on JSTOR has a "moving wall," a set period of time (usually three to five years) between a journal issue’s publication date and its availability as archival content on JSTOR. 

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