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Nuclear Technology

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  • Nuclear Fuel Recycling

    This collection contains information about GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy’s technology for nuclear fuel recycling and advanced nuclear reactors. All documents have been provided by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. For further information about GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy or the contents of these documents, contact Mike Tetuan at 910-819-7055.

    CFCC Nuclear Technology Program

    Our Nuclear Technology program is in partnership with GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Granite International and is designed to prepare students as nuclear maintenance technicians during outages at power plants with GE nuclear steam supply systems. Students enter this program in either the Fall or Spring semesters and complete five semesters of academic work in a well-rounded selection of courses in math, sciences, and humanities, including courses in reactor physics and boiling water reactor technology. An additional co-op semester provides students with work-based learning during plant outages at sites throughout the US plus specialized training on a full-scale mockup of a boiling water reactor at GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy facilities in San Jose, California. Students are awarded an Associate of Applied Science degree in Nuclear Technology.

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