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This guide has been created to assist new and part-time faculty; however it contains information and links useful to all faculty at Cape Fear Community College.
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    Why Have Library Instruction for Your Class?


    It's the right thing to do for your students!

    • Reduces Student Anxiety
      Library research is the #1 academic fear of college student and library instruction has been shown to reduce the anxiety. 
    • Encourages Students To Use Critical Thinking Skills
      Evaluating the quality of the sources they find is frequently a new concept to college students. Library instruction can show them how to use critical thinking skills to evaluate their sources.
    • Saves Students Time
      Literature shows that students require more library instruction than ever before to help them make the best use of their time and find the information they need.
    • Improves Quality of Student Research and Papers
      When students use better quality sources, the quality of their papers improve. Some students have reported higher grades on their papers after library instruction made them familiar with library resources and how to best use them.
    • Reduces Student Perceived Barriers to Requesting Help
      Once they've been in the library and interacted with a librarian, they feel more comfortable asking for help when they need it.

    Call or Email to Schedule a Session

    910-362-7034  -

    Bring Your Students to the Library

    Library Orientation and Information Literacy Instruction Sessions ... Can be customized to your course or assignment.

    Tour of the Facility: Describes the Library’s collections and services. About 15-20 minutes.

    Introduction to the Online Catalog: Explains how to locate books (including ebooks) and audiovisual resources, plus how to read an LC call number and find an item on the shelf. About 30 minutes. Sessions one and two may be taught in the same 50-minute class.

    Introduction to eResources: Teaches basics of using an database to locate citations, abstracts, and full-text articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers. Interdisciplinary databases such as ProQuest Central or SIRS are generally used for practice, depending on the content area and level of the class. Students also learn how to download, print and email citations and articles. About 45 minutes.

    Subject-Specific Databases: Provides an in-depth look at subject-specific electronic databases. Either a single database such as JSTOR (humanities) Westlaw (paralegal) or CINAHL (allied health) can be introduced. More complex search techniques can be tailored to the instructor’s assignment. About 45 minutes.


    Subject-Specific Print Reference Instruction: Teaches use of print reference materials which are helpful for particular assignments such as Gale literary criticism series or Statistical Abstract of the United StatesAbout 20–50 minutes according to the nature and extent of materials covered. This class may be combined with another session

    Academic Use of the Internet:  Covers techniques for developing search strategies and evaluating web sites. Includes information on scholarly research sites such as GOOGLE Scholar, etc. About 45 minutes.


    Advanced College-Level Reading:  Provides an in-depth look at how to efficiently read and analyze articles from scholarly journals, including a customizable student instrument which may be used as a class exercise or a gradable assignment. About 45 minutes.

    Call or Email to Schedule a Session

    910-362-7034  -

    • Providing a copy of the assignment prior to your session helps us prepare.
    • Sessions are most useful when students are working on a specific assignment.
    • We are happy to help you create engaging Library assignments or field-test your existing assignment!

    We look forward to working with you and your students!

    Get in Touch with a Librarian

    David Allan (North) 910-362-7532

    Cathy Burwell (Downtown) 910-362-7456

    Jim Clark (Downtown) 910-362-7455
    Jacob Deininger (Downtown) 910-362-7293
    Kayla Page  (Downtown) 910-362-7033
    Bob Hudson (Downtown-PT) 910-362-7300
    Roy Barnhill (North-PT) 910-362-7530


    Suggested Librarian Services

    (but feel free to request others)

    • Researching, as well as processing, your recommendations for new materials. 
    • Preparing customized research libguides specific to your course or assignment to supplement those currently on our website. 
    • Arranging for and conducting tours and classes for your students. 
    • Assisting you with reserving materials or preparing classroom collections either from a bibliography or from your criteria.
    • "Test driving" your research assignments, allowing you to feel reassured that sufficient CFCC resources are available to allow your students to succeed.
    • Letting you know about recently added resources that may be of particular interest—alerting you, for example, when a newer database replaces an older one, or a journal changes its title or focus.

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