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  • Sample Fiction Titles

    These titles are by French authors or are about France.

    Find Fiction Books

    As in most academic libraries, there is no "fiction section" at CFCC.  We catalog works of fiction according to the Library of Congress call number system.

    This means that fiction is shelved according to the author's country of origin and time period.  Literary criticism and translations are shelved side by side with the original work.


    French Literature - PQ 1 to PQ 3999

    To look for works of fiction on a certain topic or set in a certain location, combine the topic (typed in General Keyword) with the term "FICTION" (typed in Subject Keyword). 

    For example, novels featuring shipwrecks can be found by the search below.


    Browse French Literature
    PQ 1 - 3999

    PQ 1-771 History and criticism

    PQ 1-150 General

    PQ 151-221 Medieval Old French

    PQ 226-310 Modern

    PQ 400-491 Poetry

    PQ 500-591 Drama

    PQ 601-771 Prose and prose fiction

    PQ 781-841 Folk literature

    PQ 845 Juvenile literature

    PQ 1100-1297 Collections

    • PQ 1100-1145 General
    • PQ 1160-1193 Poetry
    • PQ 1211-1241 Drama
    • PQ 1243-1297 Prose

    PQ 1300-1595 Old French literature

    • PQ 1300-1391 Collections
    • Individual authors and works
    • PQ 1411-1545 to 1350/1400
    • PQ 1551-1595 (14th-) 15th century (to ca. 1525)

    PQ 1600-2726 Modern Literature : Individual Authors

    • PQ 1600-1709 16th century
    • PQ 1710-1935 17th century
    • PQ 1947-2147 18th century
    • PQ 2149-2551 19th century
    • PQ 2600-2651 1900-1960
    • PQ 2660-2686 1961-2000
    • PQ 2700-2726 2001-

    PQ 3800-3999 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

    Want to Eliminate Fiction Books from Your Search Results ?

    Want to be sure that your Library Catalog search finds only facts? Use -FICTION in the Subject Keyword box.