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LinkedIn Strategies

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    Write A Better LinkedIn Profile in Fewer than 10 Steps
    The Librarian Suggests...

    1. Use your current resume or type a list of your achievements in your own words.
    2. Google “resumes for ____ _____” for your occupation—you may need to experiment with a few different job titles to find a good match.
    3. Copy/paste or type out any phrases you like from 3-6 good sample resumes. (Tip : Use “Paste Special” to eliminate all the formatting differences as you copy and paste.)
    4. Regroup these saved phrases, including your original resume or personal list, into categories. I use TITLES, BASIC DESCRIPTION, TECHNICAL SKILLS, PEOPLE SKILLS, OUTSTANDING STATISTICS
    5. Read through each category to pick the strongest words and phrases. Cut, paste, and merge duplication to shorten your list. Change any details to apply to you.
    6. Make the verbs parallel, that is, make everything present tense or use “ing” endings throughout for consistency.
    7. Clean up any other formatting issues such as capitalization, spelling, use of abbreviations, etc. and check your word count with LinkedIn length guidelines.
    8. Be honest. If some sample achievements sound great but don’t yet apply to your experience, keep those phrases to create a goal statement for yourself.
    9. Enter the information into your Headline and Summary.Cathy Burwell Assistant Library Director at Cape Fear Community College

    Salary Information By State

    There are many reliable sites to obtain salary data by state if you have selected a specific state. However finding a range of all states is trickier. One good place to begin is the U.S. Department of Labor's Career OneStop.

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