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CFCC Sustainability Committee

Resources to make every day Earth Day on our campus and in our community
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  • About the CFCC Sustainability Awareness Pledge

    The Sustainability Awareness Pledge is a way for all CFCC students, faculty, and staff to make a commitment to minimize their environmental impact by adopting new green habits. Members of the CFCC community can select any number of items from the pledge action list – just one action, or even all twelve – and pledge to adopt that action for a week, for a semester, or for a whole year. It's easy to make one change for a finite period of time, and this pledge may serve as a stepping stone for long term or permanent changes in personal behavior. Tracking participants’ pledges allows us to see that when added together, all our smaller, individual actions do make a difference.

    Encourage your friends, roommates, classmates, and colleagues to join in and take the Sustainability Awareness Pledge with you!

    More Sustainable Ideas

    • Turn off lights and use natural light
    • Enable sleep settings on monitors/computers and turn off copiers, computers, printers, fax machines, etc, when not in use
    • Walk, bike or use public transportation to get to campus, lunches and meetings. If you drive to campus, leave your car parked once you arrive and use alternate transportation to get around on campus.
    • Buy produce at farmers' markets.
    • Buy EnergyStar rated electronics and appliances.
    • Purchase environmentally friendly products including recycled or sustainable forestry paper, nontoxic cleaning supplies, local food, etc.
    • Educate yourself and others about your ecological footprint.
    • Be respectful of everyone and treat people equally
    • Use local products and support the local economy
    • Volunteer in the community!
    • Student Organizations - get your classmates involved in sustainability with the ECO Team
    • Consume less by using durable goods vs. disposables or throwaways
    • Conserve water using water efficient products and consuming less
    • Set indoor temperatures correctly
    • Stay healthy by exercising more and eating fresh veggies and organic foods
    • Help the local economy by buying local and regional manufactured goods
    • Save resources using reusable materials, such as 100% recycled paper
    • Reduce waste through campus and community recycling programs

    Take the CFCC Sustainability Awareness Pledge!