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Cape Fear Community College Archives

Archival resources available at the Cape Fear Community College Library
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  • What We Collect

    At this time, we only collect items related to the following institutions:

    • Wilmington Industrial Education Center
    • Cape Fear Technical Institute
    • Cape Fear Community College

    Some examples of things were are looking for include:

    • Annual Reports
    • Board of Trustee Minutes
    • Brochures
    • Building plans
    • Memorabilia
    • Minutes of Meetings
    • Photographic, sound records, and videos relating to:
      • The College 
      • College personnel
      • Alumni
      • Students
    • Programs of academic ceremonies
    • Public relation materials
    • Information about Student Organizations

    Have a donation? Contact the archivist!

    James Clark, MLIS, MS


    Contact Information: 

    Phone Number: 910-362-7455


    Have items we don't collect? Try these resources!

    If you have items that we do not collect that you wish to donate to a local archive, you can contact the following organizations:

    Cape Fear Museum

    Center for Southeast North Carolina Archives and History at UNCW

    Latimer Archives

    New Hanover County Public Library North Carolina Room