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Human Services Technology - Mental Health

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    CFCC uses the Library of Congress Call Number System to organize on its shelves. Please watch the following video - Courtesy of the University of Valley Forge - for more information.

    Browsing the shelves

    You can use the Library of Congress Call Number system to browse the library's shelves. The following is a list of call numbers related to the field of Human Services Technology:  

    BF 1 – 990 Psychology

    BF 501-BF 505 Motivation

    BF 636.5 - BF 636.7 Counseling

    BF 636.7.C76 Cross-Cultural Counseling

    BF 636.7.G76 Group Counseling

    BF 636.7.H86 Humanistic Counseling

    BF 636.7.S57 Short-term Counseling

    BJ 1595.5 Philosophical counseling

    GV 1301-1311 Gambling.

    HD 7255.5 Rehabilitation Counseling

    HM 831-901 Social change

    HM 1001-1281 Social psychology

    HM1041-1101 Social perception.

    HM1106-1171 Interpersonal relations. Social behavior

    HM1176-1281 Social influence. Social Pressure

    HM 1201 Motivation

    HQ767.8-792.2 Children. Child development

    HV 5001 Alcoholism

    HV6251-6773.55 Crimes and offenses

    HV 5725 Tobacco Habits

    HV 5275 - HV 5283 Alcoholism Counseling

    HV 5800 Drug Habits & Abuse

    QP 351 - 495 Neurophysiology and Neuropsychology 

    RC 466 Mental Health Counseling

    RC 475 - RC 489 Psychotherapy

    RC 554 - RC 569.5 Drug Abuse

    RM 146 Misuse of Therapeutic Drugs

    RM 300 Drugs and Their Actions

    RC 435-571 Psychiatry

    RC 475-489 Therapeutics. Psychotherapy

    RC 490-499 Hypnotism and hypnosis. Suggestion therapy

    RC 500-510 Psychoanalysis

    RC 512-569.5 Psychopathology

    RC 512-528 Psychoses

    RC 530-552 Neuroses

    RC 554-569.5 Personality disorders. Behavior problems.

    RJ 499-507 Mental disorders. Child psychiatry

    RM 146 Misuse of Therapeutic Drugs

    RM 300 Drugs and Their Actions

    T1-995 Technology (General)