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English as a Second Language
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  • Bringing Your Class to the Library

    CFCC Librarians can provide tours or introductions to any of our print, audiovisual or electronic resources--tailored to the needs and English level of your students.

    We recommend students' first visit be dedicated to learning their campus username, and setting a password.  If the instructor provides a class roster prior to the visit, Library staff will prepare individual guide sheets for each student to help them through the username/password process.

    Subsequent Library sessions could familiarize students with searching the Library catalog and locating items on the shelves, or with use of any of our electronic resources.  If your students have a specific information goal, such as career information, or a specific resource need--for example biographies, or books about North Carolina, or closed captioned DVDs, let us know and we'll help assure their success.

    To arrange a class session in the Library, please call the Reference Desk at 910-362-7034.


    I teach high school ESL. My students are from the newcomer to the advanced range. A couple of things that I have discovered is that technology is the great equalizer. I use closed caption video at all levels. There is some hardware out there that will allow you to take the text of the CC video, download it as a text file and create cloze exercises, dialogues, and writing activities. I usually spend 15 minutes a class period working with the CC video, I do not just show the movie, I set the scene, discuss characters, etc. The reason that I think this is so successful is because ALL students love movies, You can choose current movies that have moderate rate of speech, as well as good action and non-verbal skills. One of my favorite is Heart and Souls. This is a movie that came out a few years back. It also provides some great stopping points to discuss literary terms such as foreshadowing.

    Name: Cathy Walton
    Location: Renton, WA USA

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