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Interior Design

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    Subject Headings

    Use these subject headings to browse our online catalog:

    Color in Interior Decoration
    Decorative Arts
    Interior Decoration

    *Note that the term "Interior Decoration" is used in place of
    "Interior Design" for searches by subject heading

    Call Numbers

    Head into the collection and browse by call number:

    NA 2695-2793      Architectural Drawing and Design
    NA 4100-8480      Special Classes of Buildings
    NK 1700-2138      Interior Decoration History
    NK 2200-2750      Furniture
    NK 2775-2898      Rugs and Carpets
    NK 3375-3496.3   Upholstery, Drapery and Wallpapers
    TH 8001-8581       Decoration and Decorative Furnishings
    TT 387-410            Soft Home Furnishings
    TX 301-339            Arrangement and Care of the House

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