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Print, video and electronic resources to support the Radiography Program
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  • Recommended Journals from Science Direct

    HOW - Your Step-by-Step Guide

    Six-page PDF steps the reader through the common parts of any scientific study with follow-up questions to guide understanding. Find a scholarly/peer reviewed article in your subject area of interest and follow along .

    Conducting an Effective Literature Search

    Appropriate to anyone researching in the health sciences, this article covers the "how" and "why" of conducting a literature review. 

    Scholarly Articles vs. Popular Magazine Articles

    Periodical publications such as magazines, newspapers and journals vary in quality and depth of coverage. Instructors will frequently want you to select articles from scholarly journals (sometimes called "refereed" or "peer-reviewed" journals, though the terms don't mean exactly the same thing).

    Click the image below to watch a short (3min) video on how to tell the difference between scholarly articles and popular magazine articles.

    For more detail, try our guide:

    Google Scholar for Radiography Articles and Books

    Google Scholar locates scholarly journal articles and books. Use the  search box below to find articles or books about Radiography. Enter your own key  words or use phrases in quotes  to customize your search.

    Google Scholar Search


    Best Radiography Databases

    Keep your initial search simple--save limits (such as date ranges, scholarly, English-language only, etc.) until you see the initial results list.

    Look for common database tools (suggested subject headings, abstracts, citation help, emailing and save options) on the edges of the page, often in a color bar above the search boxes or in a separate frame on the right or left of your results list.