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  • SIRS

    Database for general interest (non-scholarly) social, scientific, economic & political issues worldwide. Contains records for articles selected from newspapers, magazines, journals, government publications & selected websites.


    Scholarly Articles from CFCC Databases

    Both these databases contain select articles on various topics originally written in French as well as articles in English about French topics.

    Be aware, however, that most schlarly articles presented in PDF format, which will not work with a text translator.

    One possible strategy to get a machine translation is to download the PDF document, copy the text you need, then paste that text into Google Translate.

    ProQuest Central

    Recommended Strategy:

    Use the search term GERMANY as a "Subject Term"

    Add other terms such as ECONOMICS, MUSIC, TRAVEL, or whatever topic you need, in a second search box.

    Want to read the article in German?  Many ProQuest Central articles in HTML format have a translate feature.