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ENG 262 Murfee

World literature from the Pacific, Asia, Africa, Europe & the Americas from the 18th century to the present. Historical background, cultural context & literary analysis of prose, poetry & drama.
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  • Reference Books - Latino and Hispanic Lit

    Reference Books - African Lit.

    Reference Books - General

    Reference Books - European Lit

    Reference Books - Women in Lit

    World Literature Criticism

    A mix of biographical and overview with selected criticism of each author's major works.

    Reference Books - Surveys & Overviews

    These reference books contain birth and death date information, brief biography, summary of major achievements, and a combination of story review and analysis of some of the author's primary short works rather than in-depth literary criticism. The information is sufficient to start a research inquiry, or gain an overview of a particular author's work.

    World Literature