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ACA 090/111 - College Student Success

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  • Career Profile Assignment

    Most of the information you need to complete your Career Profile Assignment can be found in the resources listed on this page.  For the databases/websites, just click on the link and search by the career.  Print materials can be found in both the Wilmington and North Campus Libraries.

    Begin Here - Electronic Resources

    Salary Information By State

    There are many reliable sites to obtain salary data by state if you have selected a specific state. However finding a range of all states is trickier. One good place to begin is the U.S. Department of Labor's Career OneStop.

    Career Development @ CFCC

    Career Development

    Search the CFCC Library Catalog (Encore)

    Find eBooks with Summon (Search Box)

    Begin Here - Books

    These multi-volume sets are excellent starting points for career research.

    General Books

    Search for Books

    Cut your research time in half!

    Whatever career you are researching, add the term "VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE" with your other search terms. This commonly used subject heading narrows and focuses your search.

    "VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE" not working?  Try the phrase "JOB OUTLOOK" or "EMPLOYMENT FORECAST" with your career name.