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EDU 144 Child Development I

Theories of child development, needs, milestones, and factors that influence development, from conception through approximately 36 months.
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    Subject Headings

    Subject headings commonly used in the Library of Congress system are good for limiting any topic to materials for teaching and learning.  All college and university catalogs will use these headings.

    • Activity Programs
    • Computer-assisted instruction
    • Curriculum
    • Early childhood
    • Education
    • Education (higher)
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Study & teaching
    • Teaching methods
    • Training

    The education community has often changed the terminology used over time.  One useful source for current and historical terminology is the thesaurus in the ERIC database.  Terms associated with learning disabilities can also be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), 5th edition, available at the Circulation Desk for two-hour, in-library use.