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EDU 188 Issues in Early Childhood Education

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  • APA Quick Reference Guide

    Covers the most common types of resource citations both for bibliography and in-text.

    American Psychological Association Tutorial

    Need more help?  Prefer a video tutorial?  The American Psychological Association (APA) video training can be accessed here.

    Want more detail?  Cornell University's website includes less frequently cited resources as television broadcasts and blog entries.

    CFCC Databases Provide Citations

    Almost all databases provided by the CFCC Library have citation help built in!  Follow the link on the results page, select APA, alphabetize your resources, and double-check for accuracy by using your APA quick guide.  Call the Reference Desk at 910-362-7034 for assistance.

    Citation Builder - NC State University

    Citation Builder creates citations for you in APA by guiding you through questions about your resource.