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COM 231 How-To Speech Resources

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  • Visual Props


    To show a small process such as beading, substitute a large model such as "beads" made of tennis balls or a "needle" made of a chopstick so your audience can see it from a distance.  Use a large sheet of wrapping paper to stand in for a small origami square.


    Large scale processes such as tiling or painting can be shown on a small wall sample made of cardboard or scrap plywood. 


    Bathing or diapering a baby; detailing a car; etc.


    A classmate may be willing to role-play for self-defense or dance steps,


    Prepare multiple models for a long, time-consuming process.  Breadmaking might require the unmixed ingredients, the proofed yeast, the partially risen loaf, and the finished baked loaf.

    Find Everything in the CFCC Libraries with Summon (Search Box)

    Library Catalog Strategy

    Contains records for books, audiovisual materials, ebooks and some periodical articles.  Also search databases for periodicals (magazines, newspapers and journals).

    • Use quotation marks to create a phrase search - “how to . . .”

    • Suggested generic verbs:
    avoid, build, buy, catch, construct, cook, create, find, get, make, mix, plan, play, sell, serve, set up, start, teach, train, write

    Example: “how to avoid foreclosure” “how to plan a wedding shower”

    • Or add a specific action verb – Example: “how to knit,” “how to snorkel” “how to cha-cha”

    • No useful resources found?  Substitute the verb plus “ing” – Example: “playing the guitar” vs. “how to play the guitar”

    Data-Axle (formerly ReferenceUSA) Tutorial


    Articles -- millions of them -- from scholarly journals, trade journals, magazines and newspapers.

    Use Data-Axle to Set Up Interviews

    Allows you to create a list of companies by industry and geography.

    Select ReferenceUSA Businesses Module

    If you know the name of the business, type it in "Company Name" on the basic search page.  If you want to generate a list of possible businesses, choose the "Custom Search" tab.

    ReferenceUSA Search Options

    The two search criteria to use are "Business Type" and "Geography."

    Use the "Keyword/SIC/NAICS" option to get the types of businesses you need; then choose the geographic limiter, depending on how far you are willing to travel to conduct your interview.