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  • Some Sample Biographies

    Finding Biographies & Autobiographies

    As in most academic libraries, there is no "biography section" at CFCC.  We catalog biographies according to the Library of Congress call number system.

    This means that biographies are shelved with the subject for which the individual is famous.  Biographies of chemists will be in the "QD" section with the chemistry books, for example, and biographies of artists will be in in the "N" section with the art books. 

    The biography of Maria Montessori, a famous early childhood innovator

    • Montessori : The Science Behind the Genius /  by Angeline Stoll Lillard

    is found in the "LB" section near other books about teaching young children. 

    AUTOBIOGRAPHIES (written by the subject of the book) and BIOGRAPHIES (written by someone else) are treated the same in the Library of Congress system.

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    Want Even More?!?

    Browsing by Library of Congress

    Library of Congress sets aside the CT classification for special types of biographical information.

    • CT 21-22  Biography as an art or literary form
    • CT 31-83  History of biographical literature & lives of famous biographers
    • CT 93-206  General collective biography
    • CT 210-3150  National biography (Collective)
    • CT 3200-3830  Biography of women (Collective)
    • CT 3990  Academicians.  Scholars. Savants (Collective)
    • CT 9960-9998  Other miscellaneous groups, including adventurers, eccentrics, misers, etc. (Collective)

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