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  • Award Winning Fiction

    National Book Foundation award winners from 1950 through 2011, alphabetical by genre

    Winners from 1947 through 2011 with finalists recognized for the past three years.

    Explore the archive for short and longlist finalists and winners from 1969 to the present.


    The American Library Association provides a clearinghouse of dozens of book, print, and media awards.

    Finding Fiction Books

    As in most academic libraries, there is no "fiction section" at CFCC.  We catalog works of fiction according to the Library of Congress call number system.

    This means that fiction is shelved according to the author's country of origin and time period.  Literary criticism and translations are shelved side by side with the original work.

    For example

    • American authors - PS 700 to PS 3576
    • American authors of the 19th century - PS 991 to PS 3390
    • Literature written in Spanish outside of Spain - PQ 7020 to PQ 8929

    To look for works of fiction on a certain topic or set in a certain location, combine the topic (typed in General Keyword) with the term "FICTION" (typed in Subject Keyword). 

    For example, novels featuring shipwrecks can be found by the search below.

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