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COM 231- Dr. Stephens

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    (Encore) What's There . . . What's Not

    College libraries differ somewhat in what is included in their library catalog.

    Use the CFCC "catalog" tab to find:

    • Books (print ones on the shelves and ebooks to read on your computer screen)
    • Videos (physical on DVD & eVideos to download or view)
    • Audiobooks

    Use the CFCC "articles" tab to find:

    • Journal, magazine & newspaper articles

    Look elsewhere for:

    • Web pages
    • Interview opportunities

    Advanced Search (Encore)
    Keyword ? or Subject Heading ?

    The Keyword you choose to search may or may not be a Library of Congress Subject Heading.

    For example:

    • Search GLOBALISM as a Subject Heading -- zero resources found.
    • Search GLOBALISM as a Keyword -- 12 resources found.
    • Check the Subject Headings on one of those 12 resources and choose the official Library of Congress Subject Heading:

    United States -- Foreign economic relations -- more than 40 relevant resources found.

    Want more help with the Library of Congress Classification System?

    CFCC Library of Congress PDF

    Library of Congress Classification Details

    Current Issues Search (Encore)

    Try adding one of the series titles below to your search term(s) to improve your results!

    Series Titles Examples
    • At Issue (Recommended)
    • Contemporary Issues
    • Contemporary World Issues
    • Current Controversies
    • Opposing Viewpoints (Recommended)
    • Issues that concern you
    • Issues on trial
    • Introducing issues with opposing viewpoints
    • Issues in crime & justice
    • Social issues firsthand