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Sustainability Technologies

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  • Keywords & Subjects

    Use specific terms relating to your field of study when searching such as:

    Keywords - terms that can appear anywhere in the record, such as titles, descriptions, or full-text:

    Ecological houses
    Energy policy
    Green building
    Green movement
    House building
    Organic gardening
    Sustainable living

    Subject Headings - specific terms that are assigned to each item to describe the subject:

    Dwellings -- Energy conservation
    Industries -- Environmental aspects
    Sustainability -- Social aspects
    Sustainable development -- Political aspects
    Sustainable development -- Social aspects



    Create a Research Plan

    What are the key concepts of your topic?  Is there a way to broaden or narrow your topic? Sharpen your focus by:

    • time period,
    • place,
    • specific event, or  
    • specific people

    Think of 2- 3 questions that you will explore. 

    • Think about the who, what, where, when or how of your topic.
    • Does your topic overlap with other subjects such as anthropology, geography or literature?

    Under each question, think about the following aspects:

    • What do you already know about your topic?
    • What do you need to learn to better understand your topic?
    • What kind of information resource might provide the answer to these questions?

    Consider your audience.

    • Who will read your paper?
    • Why will readers be interested?
    • What will be new to them?

    Search Basics

    • Start by identifying important concepts in your search question as you search databases or the Internet for information on your topic.  
    • Think of related or similar terms (synonyms) that could substitute for your concepts.  These may be broader or more specific terms than your original concepts.  Brainstorm! 
    • It can be helpful to write these down.  You may need to refer back to them. 

    How has the use of solar and wind energy impacted the environment?


    Solar energy

    Wind energy

    Environmental impact

    Key Terms

    solar energy
    solar technology
    renewable energy
    alternative energy
    wind energy
    wind technology
    renewable energy
    alternative energy
    "environmental impact"
    "environmental harm"


    "solar energy"  OR "wind energy" AND "environmental impact"


    Research Skills and Tools

    Click for more help with your research.


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