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Sustainability Technologies

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  • How Books are Arranged

    Library book spine labels.

    • CFCC books are shelved using the Library of Congress Classification System
    • To find a specifc book you need to know its call number to locate it on our shelves.
    • Use the library's online catalog to find a book's call number.  For examle, books on "Sustainable Construction" will be in the: TH 880 area.

    Browse the Shelves

    Browsing the shelves in your subject's call number area is a good way to become familiar with materials.  You never know what you might run across!

    For shelf browsing in the field of Sustainability Technologies and Carpentry try the following Library of Congress call number ranges:

    Call Number Subject
    GE 196 - GF 86 Environmentalism
    HC 79 - HD 9500 Economy, agricultural and energy industry
    QC 980 - 985 Climatology and weather
    T 20 - 25 Technology
    TH 9 - 6021 Building construction
    TJ 163 - 808 Energy conservation, renewable energy
    TK 1000 - 1005 Electrical energy
    TX 147 - 148 Home economics

    Search the CFCC Library Catalog (Encore)

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