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Art History by Time Period or Movement

This guide covers western art history from prehistoric times to the early 21st century.
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  • Brief Timeline of Art History

    Prehistoric - before 3,000 B.C.E.

    Ancient - 3,000 B.C.E. to 400 C.E.

    Medieval - 400 to 1400 

    Renaissance - 1400 to 1600 

    Early Modern - 1600 to 1800 

    Modern - after 1800

    Art Guides

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    Selected Books About the History of Art


    Articles -- millions of them -- from scholarly journals, trade journals, magazines and newspapers.

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    Browsing Books by Call Number

    Most of the Library's art books will have call numbers beginning with N though some useful books will have call numbers beginning with T.

    N      Visual arts (general)
    NA    Architecture
    NB    Sculpture
    NC    Drawing, design, illustration
    ND    Painting
    NE    Print media (includes printmaking & engraving, etc.)
    NK    Decorative arts (includes ceramics)
    NX     Arts in general
    TP     TP 785-869 Clay industries, ceramics, glass
    TR     Photography
    TT     Handicrafts. Arts and crafts (includes metal working and fiber arts)

    Art Dictionaries