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Guide to Vietnam & "The Things They Carried" resources for Instructor McKinley's ENG 111 class.
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    Anti-war Protest:Overview

    Protest: Draft Dodgers

    Protest: Students


    Cover from Life Magazine 18 May 1970. Downloaded 24 Au 2012


    More than 40 years after the event there is still debate about the events surrounding the shooting of student protestors at Kent State University. The banner below links to the Kent State Truth Tribunal.  "The Truth Tribunal honors those whose lives have been directly affected by the killings and also marks the importance of Kent State as an influential chapter in the history of protest, democracy, civil rights and public security in the United States" (



     The Kent State University provides a large amount of information about the events leading up to the shootings. The article The May 4 Shootings at Kent State University: The Search for Historical Accuracy attempts to provide an unbiased retelling of the events leading up to and surrounding the shootings

    Student Protest Links:

    Protest: Veterans Against the War

    Websites for History of Vietnam Research