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New Hanover County Slave Deeds

Based on a survey of records at the New Hanover County Register of Deeds Office
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  • Historic North Carolina Census Data

    Analysis of 1790 Census - Brunswick County

    Analysis of 1790 Census - New Hanover County

    Distribution of slave holdings among individual slaveholders. Y axis shows number of slaveholders with holdings of a certain size.


    There are three hundred and forty-two (343) slaveholders listed for New Hanover County in the 1790 census. They held a total of 3,738 slaves. Fifteen (15) individuals held more than fifty (50) slaves each: these individuals were Peter Mallet, James Walker, George Merrick, Hugh Waddle (Waddell), John Burguin (Burgwyn), Frederick Jones, Mrs. Sarah Moon, John Waddle (Waddell), Sampson Moseley, Samuel Ashe, John Walker, John Swann, Mrs. Sarah Jones, John Hill, and Henry Toomer. As a group, these individuals held an aggregate of 1,078 slaves. Two hundred and thirty-nine (239) individuals held less than ten slaves (10). Sixty-six (66) of these held one (1). Three hundred and twenty-three individual held a total of 2,660 slaves. Of these, three non-white individuals – Pages, Hannah, and Hesse – held six (6) slaves.

    Six hundred and twenty-eight (628) heads of households for New Hanover County are given in the 1790 census. Two hundred and eighty-five (285) households did not hold slaves. The total number of individuals, including slaves, in the county was 6,831. The total free population of the county of 3,093 was six hundred and forty-five (645) individual less that the slave population. The total slave population of North Carolina was 100,572.