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New Hanover County Slave Deeds

Based on a survey of records at the New Hanover County Register of Deeds Office
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  • 18th Century Ships Arriving at the Port of Wilmington, NC -
    GIS Shapefiles

    The source for the data used to create the GIS Shapefiles contained in this folder was Newspaper Database I - 1766-1798 (Version Feb 2014) compiled by Christine Ingram Hockaday.

    Version: 28 March 2014

    Edited by
    Sherry King

    Geocoded by
    Brittany Ankenbruck, Erica Armstrong, Adam Battersea Molto, Travis Capps, Crystal Davis, Dean Hamilton, Sarah Henson, Michelle Huber, Sherry King, David Morrison, Kelsey Sanders, Markie Talbert, Melissa Troetti

    Newspaper Database I - 1766-1798 (Version Feb 2014)

    Files below were transcribed by Christine Hockaday from Misc. Eighteenth Century Newspapers (Wilmington). Microfilm; Raleigh: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Division of Archives and Manuscripts.  They are made available here in searchable Access or Excel formats to facilitate research.

    Additional documents will be made available in subsequent releases.