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New Hanover County Slave Deeds

Based on a survey of records at the New Hanover County Register of Deeds Office
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  • Slave Deeds of New Hanover County - Series One

    Prior to the compilation of the present work, this database was published in short volumes (see right) of approximately 1,500 entries. These volumes contain only the most necessary of the database fields. However, during the preparation of the third volume, this method no longer appeared practical, nor did the editors consider the abridged format a good representation of the information compiled within  the electronic files

    Further, an evaluation of the work remaining to complete the entire database to the end of the era of slavery would require the publishing and distribution of many short volumes. The format of the printed database was changed to single large printed volumes (Series I, Series II, etc.) that contained all the data from multiple electronic files and have easily searchable sections

    A review of the previously compiled volumes of the Slave Deeds of New Hanover County, North Carolina Database with the old ID numbers of 1-3987 was undertaken in preparation for this edition. Duplicate records were found 
    in Volume 1; thus, a page by page review of the deed books that comprised that volume was required. As a result of this review, duplicate entries and a small number of erroneous entries were identified and removed (see Appendix). The total number of entries included herein is 6,607.

    Series One - Printed Edition

    Division of Land & Dowers

    Credits: Compiled and edited by Christine Ingram Hockaday, verified by William G. Koch

    "The Division of Land and Dowers contains the record of judgments made by the Courts of Pleas and Quarter concerning the division of property left in a deceased person’s estate when a will is not registered before his or her death. If undetermined, the Court will send an administrator to do a return and create an inventory of property. The Courts will also determine whether or not a widow is adequately cared for with what was left to her in the will, and changes will be made if necessary. The legal dispute of heirs surrounding their inheritances is also covered in these volumes.  There are two volumes of the Division of Land and Dowers house in the archive of the New Hanover County Register of Deeds. This spreadsheet contains all the entries from both volumes that contain references to enslaved persons."

    Use of These Documents

    Permission to download, copy and use these documents for educational and research purposes is hereby granted, provided that copies are not altered, and that Cape Fear Community College and the New Hanover County Register of Deeds are credited when the material is used. 

    Sale of the documents is prohibited.

    Enslaved Persons in New Hanover County - Wills

    This is a partially completed document.  Verification is still being performed on these records.

    Slave Deeds of New Hanover County - Series Two, Volume Three

    Slave Deeds Of New Hanover County, North Carolina Series II

    25 February 2017 Report


    Slave Deeds of New Hanover County - Series Two, Volume Two

    Slave Deeds of New Hanover County - Series Two, Volume One

    Jaclyn Chavez
    Natalie C. Emerick
    Shane Kelly
    Darielle B. Greene
    Jonathan W. Nowokunski
    Matthew A. Sloan
    Robynn L. Watson

    Michael Rigsbee

    Christine L. Ingram Hockaday
    William G. Koch

    Slave Deeds of New Hanover County - Volumes Two & Three

    Compiled and Edited by Christine L. Ingram,  William G. Koch & Caroline Napier Wine

    Slave Deeds of New Hanover County - Volume One

    Edited by William G. Koch

    Compiled by David C. Becks, Emma J. Brock, Elese L. Brown, Frank C. Brown, Aaron M. Burgess, Kyle A. Byrd, Jason C. Capps, John K. Caruthers, Chandler P. Charles, Charles B. Cline, Charles P. Daughtry, Kye D. Gardner, Steven A. Green Sr., Eboni A. Gilliam, Jonathan E. Godwin, Tyler S. Harding,Linda Hickman, Tyrell R. Horton, Christine L. Ingram, William G. Koch, Debra L. Larue, Alexander D. Lyman, Kendra R. McMillian, Deanna S. Moore, Tanner P. Myers, Marvin E. Portillo, David E. Powell, Gregory D. Powell, David A. Richmond, Christopher F. Roberge, Shannon T. Shaughnessy, Shelley R. Sherman, Cameron L. Shields, Jasmyn N. Spencer, Allison M. Sutton, Brian A. Swan, Jennifer Vivas, Pamela H. Whitley