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Science DVDs - Annotated Videography of CFCC Collection

Annotated Videography of CFCC Science-Related DVDs
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  • QE - Geology

    QE 11 .C674 2007

    Core Geology

    The building blocks of this most contemporary science are laid out in a logical order.  Contents : The geological laws, 1669 -- Properties of minerals, 1812 -- Geology occurs by natural processes, 1830 -- The three types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic, 1833 -- A past Ice Age is theorized, 1837 -- Radioactive decay is used to date the earth, 1903 -- Aflred Wegener proposes continental drift theory, 1912 -- Ancient life and the fossil record, 1972.

    QE 28 .R6 2002

    Rockin’ World of Geology


    6-disc series plus guide on CD-ROM

    Program 1. The basics -- Program 2. Minerals -- Program 3. Volcanoes & erosion -- Program 4. Sedimentary & metamorphic rocks -- Program 5. Plate tectonics -- Program 6. Water in geology.

    QE 28.3 .H693 2008

    How the Earth Was Made

    Examines the origin and geological evolution of the earth, focusing on the various cataclysmic transformations that occurred through time.

    QE 390 .S83 2007

    Subbottom Profiler Surveys

    (BlackLaser Learning)

    Covers all the basic principles required to collect, interpret and understand subbottom data

    QE 501 .F33 2008

    Faces of Earth

    Uncover the deep mysteries of our planet with top geologists. Using state-of-the-art computer animation and stunning photography, four in-depth, compelling programs explore how these forces shape the Earth and how the Earth has shaped human evolution. Contents : Building the planet -- Shaping the planet -- Assembling America -- A human world.

    QE 501.2 .A43 2007

    Amazing Planet

    (National Geographic)

    3-part series on 2 discs

    In this 3 hour series, one can witness in seconds what took the Earth eons to create: bumper-car continents; ice ages pulsing out of the poles and back; the Himalayas surging upwards; sand dunes swallowing, then uncovering African villages, and more.

    QE 522 .U53 2005

    Understanding Volcanoes

    Types of volcanoes and the various effects that they have on the landscape are examined. Examples from around the world are provided. Terminology used to describe volcanic activity is introduced and different types of volcanoes are seen. Examples of volcanic processes are provided, showing that volcanic processes are both beneficial and harmful to people.  The possibility that volcanoes cause long-term climate changes is investigated.

    QE 522 .V65 2003

    Volcano : Nature's Inferno

    Takes a firsthand look at some of the world's most notorious volcanoes, including Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines and Japan's Mount Unzen.

    QE 761 .W35 2005

    Walking with Monsters : Life Before the Dinosaurs

    There was a time when two-ton predatory fish came on land, along with 26-foot sea scorpions. State-of-the-art digital technology breathes life into these creatures that dominated earth for 250 million years.

    QE 861.4 .D56 2008

    Dinosaurs Unearthed

    (National Geographic)

    Dino autopsy: Leading paleontologists unlock the mysteries behind one of the most complete dinosaur mummies ever discovered. This rare specimen with its fossilized skin and tissue intact, is bringing us closer than ever to understanding how dinosaurs lived, looked, and moved.

    Dino death trap: The fossilized remains of Tyrannosaurus Rex's great-grandfather are unearthed in China's Gobi desert, revealing what the T-Rex looked like before they grew so gigantic. State-of-the-art research techniques and amazing new footage of dinosaur mummies reveal fascinating new clues about the lives of the prehistoric giants who once ruled the Earth.

    GB - Physical Geography

    GB 450 .W38 2004

    Waves, Shores, and Beaches


    As waves and tides rush toward shore, they participate in an ongoing process of shaping the earth. Various geological and geographical formations have resulted from this action. This program explains the forces and the terminology that relate to the geological formation of the shorelines.

    GB 451.2 .S555 1994

    The Shoreline Doesn't Stop Here Any More

    Looks at beach erosion, shore protection and coast changes.  Looks at the eroding power of shorelines, how much of it is part of a natural process and how much is human-induced.

    GB 5005 .N38 2000

    Nature's Fury

    Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods: these colossal powers of nature have had dramatic consequences for humankind. Meet heroes, fighting to save homes and lives, but see victims, too, suffering unspeakable tragedies. Join scientists as they study the elemental killers.

    GB 5014 .R33 2010

    Raging Planet

    (Discovery Channel)


    9 episodes on 4 discs

    Travel with experts to the ends of the Earth and witness some of the best footage and archival images of history's most destructive natural phenomena.

    Contents : Disc One: Lightning -- Tornado -- Floods -- Hurricane. Disc Two: Avalanche -- Volcano -- Sea storms -- Blizzard.