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Science DVDs - Annotated Videography of CFCC Collection

Annotated Videography of CFCC Science-Related DVDs
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  • QL - Zoology

    QL 76 .B54 2005

    Big Zoo

    Travel to the Baltimore Zoo and see lions, tigers, rhinos, emus, snakes, bats, otters, goats, giraffes, hippos, porcupines, lizards, turtles, sitatungas, monkeys, penguins, bears, and prairie dogs. Learn why zebras have stripes and why flamingoes are pink. Experience feeding day at the Reptile House, visit the Zoo Hospital and meet all the people who make the Big Zoo work. An educational guide through the zoo. See why zebras have stripes and flamingos are pink, and more. Learn about the importance of zoos and conservation.

    QL 121 .W66 2000z

    Wonders of the Sea

    Describes the inhabitants of tropical and temperate ocean environments.

    QL 430.7 .O9 T39 2004

    Amazing Oyster : A Keystone Species for the Health of Our Coast

    The Amazing Oyster is a keystone species for the health of our coast. Learn more about Crassostrea virginica, North Carolina's native oyster. Come along and visit oyster  harvesters, researchers, government officials and coastal organizations as they work with this might mollusk.

    QL 463 .M53 2005


    A close-up view of a variety of insects as they hatch from eggs, search for food and cope with a rain storm. Ants race to gather food as a pheasant gobbles them up while a dung beetle moves his prize up hill and down. Makes use of time-lapse and micro-photographic techniques.

    QL 568 .A6 S55 2008

    Nature : Birds and Bees


    (2 programs on one disc)

    “Parrots in the Land of Oz” looks at the diversity of parrots in Australia. “Silence of the Bees” examines the mysterious epidemic that, beginning in 2006, has claimed the lives of millions of honeybees.

    QL 618.3 .W4 2005x

    Where Is the Catch? Pacific Fishing in Crisis

    Examines the dangerous depletion of Pacific Ocean fish stocks, an echo of the overfishing that has ravaged the Atlantic. Contrasting the tuna industries of wealthy countries with the localized fishing many developing nations engage in, the video features case studies of the socioeconomic impact of overfishing on Fiji, Kiribati, and the Marshall Islands, and analyzes political systems that enable harmful and often illegal fishing to continue.

    QL 638.9 .S53 2009

    Shark Week : Great Bites Collection

    Compilation of nine different programs, from different Discovery series, on the common theme of sharks.  Includes safety information for swimmers and divers in some segments.

    QL 641 .L54 2008

    Life in Cold Blood


    (Animal Planet)

    5 episodes on 2 discs

    Amphibians and reptiles ruled the world for nearly 200 million years, and today there are well over 14,000 species. Ranging from some of the largest, most deadly creatures on Earth to the smallest and strangest, these are some of the most fascinating and dramatic animals on the planet. Looks at parental and breeding behavior, as well as adaptability. A magnificent overview of life on the planet Earth.  Contents : Episode 1: The cold blooded truth -- Episode 2: Land invaders: amphibians -- Episode 3: Dragons of the dry: lizards -- Episode 4: Sophisticated serpents: snakes -- Episode 5: Armored giants.

    QL 696 .S473 M37 2005

    March of the Penguins

    In the Antarctic, every March, the penguin quest begins to find the perfect mate and start a family. Courtship begins with a long journey, hundreds of miles across the continent by foot, one by one in a single file. They endure freezing temperatures, in brittle, icy winds and through deep, treacherous waters, risking starvation and attack by dangerous predators.

    QL 703 .L53 2003

    Life of Mammals


    (BBC / David Attenborough)

    10-part, 4-disc series

    Introduces the most diverse group of animals ever to live on this planet. From the smallest to the largest, the slowest to the fastest, the least to the most attractive. Looks at 4,000 species, including ones that have outlived the dinosaurs. Examines how their adaptations for finding food have had an effect on the way they socialize, mate and live.  Contents : A winning design -- Insect hunters -- Plant predators -- Chisellers -- Meat eaters -- Opportunists -- Return to the water -- Life in the trees -- Social climbers -- Food for thought.

    QL 713.2 .O34 2008

    Ocean Animal Emergency



    Part emergency room, part rehab facility, and part research lab, the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California means the difference between life and death for sick and injured ocean animals. Nova takes you inside this very special ER to witness the efforts of a renowned team of wildlife veterinarians as they fight to save their animal patients as well as to uncover the cause of a mysterious neurological illness plaguing marine mammals like California sea lions and harbor seal pups.

    QL 737 .C4 I5 2009

    In the Company of Whales :  Gentle Giants of the Watery Realm

    Among the most prominent environmental issues facing humankind this century is the fate of the whale. Whale expert Roger Payne takes an in-depth look at these massive creatures and their fight for survival.

    QL 737 .C424 K55 2009

    Kingdom of the Blue Whale


    (National Geographic)

    Join some of the world's eminent blue whale scientists as they embark on a revolutionary mission to identify and tag California blue whales as they migrate to a spot known as the Costa Rica Dome. This incredible voyage yields unforgettable new footage and insight into these amazing creatures' lives

    QL 737 .C432 C68 2009

    The Cove


    Academy Award winning documentary

    In a sleepy lagoon off the coast of Japan is a highly guarded secret. During the night, Taiji fishermen engage in an unseen hunt for thousands of dolphins. The work is so horrifying, the fishermen will stop at nothing to keep it hidden from the outside world. When a team of elite activists, filmmakers, and free-divers embark on a secret mission to penetrate their cover, the shocking discoveries they find there are just the tip of the iceberg. Includes commentary, deleted scenes, and more

    QL 737 .C432 P75 2006

    Private Lives of Dolphins


    Study of the dolphins' intelligence and interactions with both their own kind and with humans furnishes the viewer with a unique insight into the development of the mammalian brain. Footage is that of behavior never before witnessed

    QL 737 .P96 G74 2009


    No narration - Her name is Green, she is alone in a world that doesn't belong to her. She is a female orangutan, victim of deforestation and resource exploitation. This film is an emotional journey with Green's final days. It is a visual ride presenting the treasures of rainforest biodiversity and the devastating impacts of logging and land clearing for palm oil plantations." " free download

    QL 783 .S93 2010

    Swarms : The Intelligence of the Masses

    Scientists have long operated under the principle that intelligent behavior must be directed by a centralized consciousness. This program examines evidence that the act of swarming crates an altogether different form of intelligence: decentralized awareness, consciousness with no center. The following facets of swarm intelligence are addressed: how individual actions within a flock of starlings create a large-scale system that controls itself and makes collective decisions; how local decisions within a colony of red harvester ants positively shape the aggregate well-being of the entire colony; the limited ability of a single fish to manipulate the movement of its school through bad decision-making; the application of swarm intelligence to robotics; and whether, or to what extent, crowds of people self-organize through the collective dynamics of swarm logic