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Science DVDs - Annotated Videography of CFCC Collection

Annotated Videography of CFCC Science-Related DVDs
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  • QR - Microbiology

    QR 56 .O39 2005

    Odyssey of Life : The Unknown World

    Microbial control ; Introduction ; Controlled environments ; Antibiotics -- Microbial interactions ; Introduction ; Mutualistic relationships ; Web of life ; Complex relationships and solutions -- Human defenses ; Introduction ; First life of defense, normal flora ; Second and third lines of defense, immune response ; Salmonella ; Vaccination -- Microbes and human diseases ; Introduction ; Disease over time ; Emerging diseases - hantavirus ; Reemerging diseases - English sweating sickness ; New strains - Hantavirus.

    QR 61 .U57 1999


    Unseen Life on Earth : An Introduction to Microbiology


    3-disc, 12-part series

    Disc 1 : Microbial universe ; Introduction ; Microbes and microbiology ; Disease and medicine ; Role of microbes in the environment ; Studying microbes -- The Unity of living systems ; Introduction ; Cell processes and patterns ; Viruses ; Genetic information : DNA -- Metabolism ; Introduction ; Energy into ATP ; Fermentation -- Reading the Code of Life ; Introduction ; Code of life ; Mutation ; Undiscovered microbial community ; Gene regulation. Disc 2 : Genetic transfer ; Introduction ; Methods of DNA transfer ; Genetic manipulation -- Microbial evolution ; Introduction ; Beginning of life on earth ; New tree of life -- Microbial diversity ; Introduction ; Mutation and survival ; Genetic diversity and gene sequencing ; Distribution of life on earth -- Microbial ecology ; Introduction ; Microbes and oxygen ; Microbes and energy ; Microbial equilibrium. Disc 3 :

    QR 67 .M53 2007


    Microorganisms may live at the root of the evolutionary tree, but they've been around for billions of years, are found everywhere in nature, and are crucial in helping maintain the atmosphere, assisting in digestion and decomposition, and more. Presents each general type of microorganism by its characteristics and functions, and describes the hazards and benefits of microbes

    QR 75 .U5 2002

    Understanding Bacteria

    How do benign bacteria work? How are infectious bacteria fought? And how are scientists adapting both types of bacteria to good - or evil - uses? This program answers those questions through the observations and insights of Stanley Falkow, Fred Tenover, and other specialists. The role of E. coli in digestion, the relationship between H. pylori and ulcers, medical waste, the exploitation of anthrax as a weapon, and the discovery of extraterrestrial bacteria are all considered.

    QR 81.7 .B23 2007


    Employing state-of-the-art imaging technology and animation, the program illustrates how bacteria have learned to adapt to harsh environments and how they can be found in a vast array of human-made products and materials, including medicines, pesticides, plastics, solvents, and even electro-acoustic speakers