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Science DVDs - Annotated Videography of CFCC Collection

Annotated Videography of CFCC Science-Related DVDs
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  • GE - Environmental Science

    GE 60 .G74 A73 2010

    Business of Green

    Introduces viewers to careers in several corporations which practice environmental sustainability. Profiles an eco-friendly hotel, an information and communications technology consultancy, a firm that invests in green business development, and a manufacturer of chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning products.

    GE 140 .J68 2009

    Journey to Planet Earth


    12-disc series

    Each disc contains both a 57 min. and 25 min. classroom version

    Vol. 1 Rivers of Destiny – Vol. 2 Urban Explosion – Vol. 3 Land of Plenty, Land of Want – Vol. 4 On the Brink – Vol. 5 Seas of Grass – Vol. 6 Hot Zones – Vol. 7 Future Conditional – Vol. 8 State of the Planet – Vol. 9 State of the Planet’s Wildlife – Vol. 10 State of the Ocean’s Animals – Vol. 11State of the Planet’s Oceans – Vol. 12 Plan B : Mobilizing to Save Civilization

    GE 195 .S89 2009

    Suzuki Diaries

    David Suzuki and his youngest daughter travel to Europe (Germany, Denmark, France & Spain) to see what sustainability truly looks like.

    GE 195.7 .C66 2009

    The Consumer and the Planet

    Shows how small, everyday actions can conserve energy sources, reduce an individual’s carbon footprint, and even save money in the process.

    GE 195.7 .L585 2008

    Living with Ed,  Season 1

    Ed Begley is a dedicated environmentalist. After thirteen years together, Ed likes to believe he's winning his wife Rachelle over to his green lifestyle and sometimes odd contraptions. But it's love and laughter that puts the fun in dysfunction and obviously keeps this seemingly mismatched Hollywood couple together. Hang out with Ed as he tinkers with his solar roof, makes toast with a bicycle and rides in Jay Leno's 1909 Baker electric car.

    GE 196 .A484 2009

    Alter Eco : Planet Green


    3-disc series

    In this eco-lifestyle makeover series, join Adrian Grenier and his Green Team, green activists, experts and friends as they renovate a 1920's Spanish home in Hollywood and "green-over" local businesses and environments.  Contents : Disc 1. Our own backyard ; Green seeds ; Re-psyched ; Blue to green -- Disc 2. Coachella ; Wheels of change ; Work of art ; School house rock 'n review -- Disc 3. H2Eco ; Eco-fabulous ; Green teens ; Hollywood green ; Greening entourage

    GE 198 .L67 L58 2008

    Living with Ed, Season 2

    It's time to go green. Put the fun in dysfunction as it follows Begley's ceaseless efforts to convert his celebrity friends including Jay Leno, Helen Hunt, Bradley Whitford and many others to the 'Green' way of life.